Why Astaxanthin is Mother Nature’s Most Powerful Anti-aging Molecule?

  1. Strongest Singlet-Oxygen Quencher among anti-aging molecules.
  2. Protective Effect of Natural Antioxidants on Human Fibroblasts Astaxanthin vs. other antioxidants Human dermal fibroblasts were pre-incubated with antioxidants before exposure to singlet oxygen, and cell viability was measured to compare the protective efficacy.
  3. Purest Antioxidant Molecule because it has no-proxidant activity even when subjected to enormous amount of stress from environmental factors and free radicals.
  4. Provide a Unique Membrane Protection because with its longs chain structure and polar end groups can span the bilayer membrane incrementing resilience against oxidative stress. Astaxanthin quench free radicals both in the water and fat loving zone of the membrane in contrast to most antioxidants, which work either in the inner (Vitamin E and Beta Carotene) or outer (Vitamin C) side of the membrane.
  5. Provides Superior Mitochondria Protection as research shows that is 1,000 times more effectively than Vitamin E against lipid peroxidation in the mitochondria
  6. Synergies and protect our endogenous antioxidants from early degradation
  7. Reduce DNA Damage and premature cell death caused by oxidation and plasma C-reactive oxygen
  8. Cross Brain-Retinal Blood Barrier leading to neuro-protective effects and alleviation of eye fatigue.
  9. Powerful Anti-Inflammatory – Several in-vitro and in-vivo studies shows that ASX strongly suppressed nuclear translocation of NFkB inflammatory cascade, which are the leading cause of most degenerative diseases.
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