Compare HP, MF and AL Series

Many people ask us what the differences are between the HP, MF and AL series. Everyone responds differently to different formulations. Therefore we offer 3 unique formulas. All three enzyme formulations are fully capable of assisting in the digestion of proteins, fats, sugars, fibers, and carbs. The AL-Series contains Peptidase, Beta Glucanase and GlucoAmylase instead of Bromelain, Papain, or Malt Diastase. The AL-Series is perfect for someone looking for a good full spectrum digestive enzyme. It also works well for people with Celiac or Crohns disease and for people with sensitive stomachs. The HP-Series is an all round, very strong enzyme formulation. The MF Series is also an all round strong formulation but designed toward people who have a sensitivity to digesting dairy products.

Enzymes Listed Below
(Activity Per Capsule)
HP Series
90, 270 Capsules per Bottle
MF Series
90 Capsules per Bottle
AL Series
90, 270 Capsules per Bottle
Function of Each Enzyme
Protease150,000 FCC/HUT75,000 FCC/HUT100,000 FCC/HUTBreaks down protein.
Acid Stable Protease500 FCC/SAPU175 FCC/SAPU350 FCC/SAPUBreaks down protein in an acidic environment.
Peptidase- 0 -- 0 -4,000 FCC/HUTBreaks down protein peptides.
Bromelain100 GDU50 GDU- 0 -Breaks down proteins.
Papain- 0 -300,000 PU- 0 -Breaks down a variety of proteins.
Amylase20,000 SKB12,000 SKB18,000 SKBBreaks down carbohydrates, starches, and sugars.
Amyloglucosidase / GlucoAmylase- 0 -50 AGU60 AGUBreaks down complex and simple sugars.
Malt Diastase250 FCC/DP250 FCC/DP- 0 -Breaks down complex and simple sugars.
Lipase5,000 FCC/FIP 2,000 FCC/FIP 4,000 FCC/FIP Breaks down fats and oils.
Lactase500 FCC/ALU1,500 FCC/ALU750 FCC/ALUBreaks down lactose. (Dairy products)
Alpha Galactosidase- 0 -100 GAL- 0 -Breaks down carbs; raffinose, stachyose, and melibiose.
Beta-Glucanase- 0 -- 0 -100 BGUBreaks down fiber and cellulose.
Cellulase3,500 FCC/CU1,000 FCC/CU3,500 FCC/CUBreaks down fibers in fruits and vegetables.
Hemicellulase1,000 FCC/HCU500 FCC/HCU2,000 FCC/HCUBreaks down vegetable cell walls.
Invertase800 SU800 SU2,000 SUBreaks down table sugar.
Phytase4 U3 U6 UBreaks down phytate which neg. binds minerals.
Pectinase7 ENDO PG3.5 ENDO PG35 ENDO PGBreaks down pectin found in fruit.
Ionic Trace Minerals30 MG30 MG20 MGEnzyme Cofactors
Other Ingredients:
Vegetable Capsule
(Vegetable Cellulose,
Water), Rice Extract

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