Mysteries of Jade

Jade contains the minerals calcium and magnesium. Jade has the same wave length as the human GI wave that penetrates the human cell. When the jade is heated, it emits long wave far infrared rays that penetrate the body 14 ~ 15 cm ( 5.5 ~ 6 inches ). It makes resonance effects that can revive tissue, promote blood circulation and eliminate harmful waste toxin.

The semi-precious gemstone known as jade is actually two different mineral species with similar gross physical properties. Formed under the intense heat and pressure of regional metamorphism, they are fine grained aggregates of microscopic crystals arranged in a tough compact structure. The minerals differ in their internal crystal structure and chemical composition. Both occur in various shades of green often referred to as “apple”, “emerald”, “leek”, or “bluish-green”. Other colors also occur, ranging from nearly white to nearly black. Some specimens include veins and inclusions of other colors which may enhance aesthetic appeal. When sliced thinly enough they are translucent. Naturally or artificially polished specimens present a characteristic silky smooth surface.

TheVita-Mat Mattress is an electric heating mat that emits Far-Infrared Ray , Negative Ion, Magnetic Super Long Wave. Blood circulation improvement is effective through far-infrared ray hyper-thermia treatment. Automatic electric wave diminishing is utilized (EMF’s are the same as the earth’s emissions)and the emission of far-infrared ray reaches 93.5 % , plus materials in which negative ions are simultaneously emitted are all combined in the mat.