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Anyone who has any understanding of health has got to know the importance of drinking enough water. Unfortunately most people don’t know the importance of the waters pH and ORP value. These values are more important than the water itself. If all you think is that drinking eight 8 oz glasses of water a day will do the trick, you’ve missed the point.

What Kind of Water are you Drinking?

• Your body is 70% water.

• Water composes 70% of muscle, 25% of fats, 75% of your brain, and over 80% of your blood.

• Alkaline water regulates your body's temperature, cushions and protects vital organs, aids in digestion, transports nutrients within each cell, and dispels acidic wastes.

"The single most important thing one can do to improve health and fitness... is to begin drinking alkaline water." It is the easiest and quickest way to regain your health and vitality or to lose weight or gain weight. Dr. Young, author of “The pH Miracle”

The countless names of illnesses, do not really matter. What does matter is that they all come from the same basic root cause… too much acid tissue waste in the body! Dr. Theodore Baroody

Over-acidification of the body is the single underlying cause of all disease… Ionized Water Restores Your Body’s Acid / Alkaline Balance Doctors and hospitals in Japan and Korea have used acid/alkaline water for over twenty-five years for bed sores, diabetes, athletes foot, sterilization, bacteria or yeast infections, etc.

Benefits of Ionized Alkaline Water

1. Natural and Powerful Antioxidant.
2. Flushes Toxins and Neutralizes Acidity in the Body
3. 6 Times more Hydrating than Conventional Water
4. Increases the Available Oxygen for Mental Clarity and Energy

Research states that the ideal level for drinking alkaline water is between pH8.5 – pH9.5 with an ORP of -250mv. Ionways, ionized water has 9 levels of pH and the strongest ORP.

Uses For Acid Water & Alkaline Water:
  • Acne
  • Athletes Foot
  • Blisters
  • Dandruff
  • Dry Skin
  • Eczema
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Insect Bites
  • Minor Wounds
  • Mouth Sores
  • Throat Discomfort
  • Hair Conditioner
  • Sterilize Dishes
  • Wash Vegetables &Fruits
  • Flushes toxins
  • Disarms Free Radicals
  • Restores alkalinity in your body
  • Increases stable oxygen in your body
  • Enhances delivery of nutrients

Cooking with Alkaline water improves the nutritional value and the taste of food and drinks such as, tea and coffee.

It also makes acidic foods and drink more alkaline.

In Japan, Alkaline Antioxidant Water is known as a "hangover cure". Alkaline ice cubes in a glass of alcohol neutralize acidity and may help to prevent a hangover.

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Alkaline - How To Get There And Stay There

There has been a lot of discussion in the alternative health community regarding alkalinity. Simplistically put, it means consuming high pH foods and liquids as often as possible to get your pH adjusted to the range it needs to be in, for a long enough period to allow your body to naturally heal itself.

Once you get “in the zone/range”, it is time to do a long term look at how you will maintain this optimum state of alkalinity. As you may suspect it is easier said than done due to availability of wholefoods that have NOT been genetically modified, yet more so your determination to eat better and avoid disease.

Adequate clean water (not the garbage loaded with chlorine, lead and fluoride from a city water supply) is essential to balancing pH and keeping communication flowing in the body. The vast majority of Americans are somewhat dehydrated due to ingestion of liquids they “think” are providing the required water intake. Coffee, tea, soda, energy drinks, beer, wine, liquor, milk etc are not clean water. They will not substitute for ½ gallon a day of clean pure water with a high pH.

The following is a list we were forwarded which is a good starting point. Remember you can always modify your pH with alkaline water from a machine.

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