Alkaline Ionized Water Filters

Versus Other Water Filters...

Carbon Filters

Carbon filters are inexpensive and common. There are two types – one uses granulated carbon and the other used solid carbon block.

• The solid block filter cost more, lasts longer and does a much better job.


• The pitcher filter, which uses granulated charcoal, removes most chlorine and 90 percent of the lead. However, many toxins are not filtered out.

• There are many drawbacks to all carbon filters. Carbon filters are not totally effective for heavy metals, and they don’t remove fluoride, viruses, pharmaceuticals, or personal care products.

• Also, if you don’t change the filters as the instructions direct, they can become more of a hazard than a help. Old filters collect the “garbage” in the water and may actually begin to breed bacteria. Water Distillers

• Water distillers are extremely effective at removing everything, unfortunately even good minerals, from water.

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• Distillers use electricity to heat tap water to the boiling point, separating impurities from the “steam”, which becomes your clean drinking water.

• The drawback with distilled water is that there are no beneficial minerals left in it!

• A growing body of evidence suggests that completely mineral free water is worse for your body than water with dissolved minerals in it.

• Distilled water is absorbent water, meaning it absorbs carbon dioxide, which may make your body acidic.

• Reverse Osmosis filters water through an extremely fine membrane. It’s a slow process, and the cost ranges anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to many hundreds of dollars.

• Like distilled water, most reverse osmosis creates acidic water.

• It is 95 percent mineral free acidic and therefore aggressive – meaning it pulls minerals from anything with which it comes into contact.

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• Because the water is acidic, it may keep your tissues acidic.

Alkaline Ionized Water Filters

Ionization alters water in two significant and measurable ways: pH and ORP. These alterations to water are what make it very different from other waters you may drink.

Research states that the ideal level for drinking alkaline water is between pH8.5 – pH9.5 with an ORP of -250mv, which causes the micro clustering, antioxidant and oxygenating effects.

Athena and Delphi Filters

The Athena & Delphi, ionized water, has 9 levels of pH, the strongest ORP, water cluster molecules of 5 or 6 per cluster, and pure clean water, free of organic matter.

• Dual filtration capability - cleans your water to be 99.9% contaminant free.

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• 9 levels of pH. Your body thrives in an alkaline environment since it is able to detoxify more efficiently than in an acidic environment. In an alkaline environment your tissues get rid of impurities more efficiently. Most bottled waters are very acidic (low pH)

• Strongest ORP. High pH ionized water demonstrates a -ORP and so is a reducing agent or "antioxidant". The ORP of most tap water in the USA is between +200 to +600mv and so it is an oxidizing agent.

• Water clusters that are significantly smaller than normal water cluster -no more than 5 or 6 molecules per water cluster which allows the water to penetrate into more places in the body. Tap, Filtered and bottled water clusters generally consist of about 12 water molecules per cluster - because the cluster is so big, the water clusters cannot penetrate many places in your body.

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