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You are drinking a glass of anti-oxidants. Ionized/Alkalized/Oxygenated/Super-Hydrating (fine-filtered) water delivers a massive amount of negatively charged electrons, to cling to & neutralize the free-radicals causing daily damage & progressive aging within your body. (Free radicals are constantly bombarding us - from poor diet, stress, pollution, chemicals, medications, etc.)


In today’s world, everybody is too acidic, and needs to alkalize. All the “diseases of aging” – from cancer, to chronic fatigue, to the skin losing elasticity – occur & snowball within an acidic body. Ionized water restores alkalinity and flushes acidic toxins from the body, leaving the blood sparkling clean & able to transport critical nutrients to the cells. Disease cannot thrive in an alkaline environment. Acidic blood is filled with yeasts, molds, bacteria, and the prolific wastes they produce. Alkaline blood is clean & clear – nothing there but your healthy cells. Water from the ionizer filter is 100’s of times more alkaline than even the freshest spring water. (1000’s of times more so than tap or bottled water.) Excess body weight naturally peels off as acids are released from the body. The brain begins to sparkle and the body is able to heal problem conditions.


Cells deficient in oxygen start to turn cancerous. (German biochemist Dr. Warback won the Nobel prize for proving this theory.) Ionized water delivers twice as much oxygen to your cells as tap or bottled water. Think of the jogger vs. the couch potato – this water is bringing your cells a flood of fresh oxygen just by drinking a glass.

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Smaller molecule size makes water up to 6x more absorbable – “wetter water” easily penetrates your cells, bringing a continual flood of hydration & renewal. The turnover of “fresh water in & waste out” becomes constant. Cells begin to work at peak performance. Foggy thinking, joint pain, constipation & digestive issues begin to clear. This water takes your body from a stagnant “polluted lake” to one that is sparkling & “fed by glacial streams”.


Superior water filtration options (including super-fine filtration used at the level of dialysis). Customizable filtration according to one’s unique water properties. Far-infrared technology/tourmaline supercharges & purifies the water. Produces acid water for outside the body - Acidic water sterilizes: wounds, the kitchen counter, fruits/vegetables before preparing, one’s garden from plant diseases, etc. Amazing testimonials regarding skin conditions & wound healing.


Emco-Tech produces the most advanced cutting-edge ionizers on the market. The oldest and largest producer (50,000-60,000 units per month) of ionizers worldwide, marketing to 30 countries – have been producing ionizers for 20+ yrs. After originally manufacturing medical equipment, began focusing exclusively on ionizers, helping explode the market world-wide. ISO 9001 & 14001 (GREEN) certified factory dedicated solely to ionizer manufacturing.

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Proprietary ionizing cell manufactured in Japan using top-grade titanium & platinum plated electrodes. (Japanese hospitals have used ionizers as an indispensable health tool for decades. 1 in 5 Japanese households has an ionizer.)

• Lowest return/repair rate in the industry.

• Full 3 yr. Warranty.

• Financing available.

• Complete and unparalleled customer support, year after year.

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